3 Helpful Irrigation System Maintenance Tips

If your lawn and landscaping feature a state-of-the-art irrigation system, then you already understand how helpful they are. Irrigation system maintenance is essential to ensuring the proper functionality and efficient operation of your sprinkler system.

Sprinkler system maintenance is generally a simple process and ensures your lawn is getting the right amount of water. A properly functioning irrigation system preserves water and saves you money on landscaping maintenance costs. All in all, it’s incredibly beneficial to devote time to making sure your sprinkler system is in perfect shape.

Where to Start

The one part of an underground sprinkler system that you actually see in action is the best place to get started. Each sprinkler head needs to be visually inspected to check for clogs and other impediments. After you have made sure nothing is preventing water flow from sprinkler heads, you are ready to move on to other areas of concern, such as making sure sprinkler heads are facing the right direction.

Leaks Happen

Leaks in an irrigation system can be difficult to detect. It is possible for leaks to occur in the pipes of your system, although this is uncommon. Indicators of leaks in a sprinkler system include:

  • Damp areas when it has not rained recently
  • Overgrown areas
  • Greener patches of grass

Soggy areas around sprinkler heads don’t always indicate a leak, however. If you do notice standing water around sprinkler heads, it could very well be an issue of a damaged or misaligned sprinkler head.

Inspect Water Pressure

Water pressure issues will cause your irrigation system to perform sub-optimally and inefficiently. If the water pressure is too high, your sprinklers will not cover their corresponding area properly. Signs of high water pressure include sprinkler heads that are misting or rotating too quickly.

On the other hand, low water pressure can also cause your system to underperform. When you notice sprinkler heads not rising or rotating properly or dry areas of your lawn, you might have a low-pressure issue on your hands.

There are plenty of remedies for the various problems caused by water pressure issues, but the best way to handle the situation is by contacting an irrigation specialist and scheduling an inspection.

Contact Your Local Irrigation System Maintenance Expert  

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