3 Undeniable Benefits of Adding a Fountain to Your Landscaping

If you love having a little bit of everything in your backyard, then adding a fountain should be your next project. They are relatively easy to install and provide benefits beyond something nice to look at from time to time. With seemingly endless design options, you have the ability to find a fountain that can really tie your entire backyard together!

At All Summer Landscaping and Lawn Care, we see plenty of folks incorporate gorgeous fountains into their existing landscaping and achieve amazing results.


Fountains produce that relaxing sound that machines have tried to capture for years. Unfortunately for them, there is nothing like the real thing!

The calming sound of a babbling brook has been associated with relaxation for decades, and for good reason. A fountain provides the perfect soundscape for meditation or just laying in the yard and reading a book. The dynamic of your backyard will change entirely with the addition of a fountain.


Having a water feature of any kind in your yard will attract a variety of gorgeous birds by providing them a place to bathe and cool off. Fountains are actually more convenient than a birdbath because the water is not stagnant. With a birdbath, the water will need to be changed frequently to prevent bacterial growth and unsightly fungus accumulation. With a fountain, new water is constantly being pumped in, meaning that bacteria and fungus will never have the chance to overtake the space.

Having birds in your yard more frequently can benefit the wildlife that grows there, as some birds play a critical role in pollination. You could very well see your plants produce more flowers, adding to the beauty of your landscaping!


There are many upgrades you can make to your home that will increase its value, and adding a fountain is one of them. Aside from showing that you care about the look of your home, a fountain will add a touch of class to your outdoor space. Different styles of fountains can add to the d├ęcor of your home and backyard, so use your imagination and find the right fountain for your home.

Cobblestone paths around a fountain can take your backyard to the colonial times, while a copper fountain can add a splash of European style to your home.

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