Here are 5 blooming shrubs that are perfect for spring

4 Blooming Shrubs for a Colorful Spring

As we enter the home stretch in the race to warm weather, you might have begun generating ideas for your lawn and landscaping. Spring is a time full of outdoor activities, and colorful landscaping full of blooming shrubs is a great way to turn your lawn into a unique and scenic place to enjoy the warm weather.

Are you planning to add bursts of eye-catching color to your landscaping this spring? Here are some beautiful flowering shrubs to make your garden stand out.


With blooms ranging from pink to white, virtually all species of viburnum smell and look amazing. They are also known to attract birds, which is added plus if you enjoy hosting local wildlife in your yard.

In order to get the most out of your viburnums, make sure they receive as much sunlight as possible. They should also be situated in very well-drained soil, so look to avoid areas that pool water or stay soggy after rain. If properly cared for, your viburnums can grow up to 15 feet tall.

Mountain Laurel

A well-maintained mountain laurel will bloom towards the end of the spring and hold its bloom into the summer, making it a great transition shrub. The flowers on a mountain laurel are far from ordinary; their pink, red, and white blooms feature a unique shape.

This shrub will do fine in sun or shade, but it must be planted in well-drained soil that stays moist as much as possible. It is important to note that mountain laurels are technically poisonous, so they are not the best choice for those with small children.


One of the more eye-catching shrubs out there, forsythia produces its noticeable flowers very quickly. The bright yellow flowers are a sure sign that spring has sprung and the warm weather is here to stay.

Much like a viburnum, this shrub needs as much sunlight as it can get, as well as very well-drained soil. When planted in the right area and properly maintained, certain types of forsythia can grow up to 10 feet tall.


One of the most recognizable flowers, lilac has always been heavily associated with spring. They bring more than just picture-perfect, soft purple blooms to your lawn and garden – their sweet scent is recognizable and downright intoxicating.

With a wide variety of lilac species available, you will not have a problem finding one that fits your landscaping. Some even re-bloom to keep the spring atmosphere alive throughout the fall season as well. When kept in ample sunlight and well-watered, a healthy lilac shrub can grow anywhere from 15-20 feet tall.

Make Your Landscaping Pop this Spring With Blooming Shrubs

As the warm weather of spring rapidly approaches, it’s never too early to start planning how your lawn can stand out. With the right blooming shrubs, you can truly create a colorful and eye-catching landscaping design that will have the whole neighborhood talking.

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