4 Topsoil Myths Debunked

When it comes to gardening and landscaping, topsoil proves that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. While it may seem like plain old dirt, nothing could be further from the truth.

Topsoil plays an integral role in the garden. It is high in organic material and is much easier to manipulate and till than regular dirt.

Without proper knowledge of topsoil, you can find yourself fighting a losing battle trying to salvage a garden. Remember: when in doubt, always reach out to landscaping professional.

There are a few topsoil myths floating around out there. Luckily, we are here to help you distinguish fact from fiction.

Myth 1 – All topsoil is the same.

While it is true that topsoil is generally made of the same materials (sand, silt and clay), there are endless variations of those components that can affect the soil in different ways.

It is widely accepted that the ideal ratio of those three “ingredients” is:

  • 60% sand
  • 15% clay
  • 25% silt

It is also worth noting that the term “organic material” is an all-encompassing term that covers all types of once-living matter. Different types of organic matter will affect plant growth in unique ways.

Myth 2 – Rich soil doesn’t need fertilizer.

In order to grow, plants draw nutrients out of the soil. Over time, even the most fertile topsoil will find itself depleted of essential nutrients, which then need to be replaced in order to continue promoting plant growth.

Fertilizer is the easiest way to replenish lost nutrients. It is very easy to fertilize your garden, but it also recommended to seek the advice of a landscaping professional in your area to see which type of fertilizer you need for your specific garden.

If you are in the Middle Tennessee area and in need of gardening advice, don’t hesitate to give All Summer Landscaping and Lawn Care a call today!

Myth 3 – Regular dirt from my yard will work just fine.

There is a chance that dirt from your yard will work for your garden, but the chances are it will not. Topsoil is easy to use and drains well because of the presence of organic matter. Regular dirt from your yard will most likely not contain nearly the amount of organic material that you would find in topsoil.

Considering how easy it is to purchase and install topsoil, it is in your best interest to eliminate the chance of a useless garden and go with the proven option.

Myth 4 – Decent topsoil doesn’t need to be tilled.

All soil can become compacted over time. Loose soil is the best way to promote plant growth, proper drainage and root activity. When your soil becomes more and more tightly packed, you will need to till the soil in order to loosen it up and prepare it for new plants.

Even the richest soil will find itself compacted over time. Pay attention to the looseness of your garden’s soil and be sure to have it ready for action.

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