Irrigation Systems – Benefits of an Automatic Sprinkler System

It doesn’t take a professional landscaper to know that your yard needs water. If you live in a climate that doesn’t experience frequent rain storms, adequately watering your yard can be the difference between a lush, green landscape and a brown patch of dry, dead grass.

Sprinklers are the most popular and effective way to water your yard, and there are seemingly unlimited sprinkler options on the market. While hooking up a yard sprinkler isn’t the most difficult or grueling aspect of yard maintenance, it does require a small amount of physical labor, as well as time.

Automatic sprinkler systems take this tried-and-true method to the next level by virtually eliminating the human element altogether. Sprinkler systems can be set to run at certain times of the day for as long or short as you want it to, turning watering your lawn into a worry and hassle-free experience!

Automated Lawn Care

Sprinkler systems are all automated, meaning you set the system to run when and how you want, then sit back and let it perform its duty. You don’t even need to be home for it to operate; no more sacrificing lawn care during vacations!

You can ensure your yard is healthy and sufficiently watered without even thinking about. Automatic systems water your yard to your exact specifications every single time.

Watering by hand is just not as efficient as a sprinkler system. A professionally installed automatic sprinkler system is the best investment you can make for a consistently healthy lawn.

Save Water

There are many types of sprinkler systems, and they all can be tailored to your specific yard. Climate, terrain type and type of landscaping also affect the type of watering system that best fits your needs.

The beauty of being able to customize the system for you situation is that it allows your system to operate efficiently with just the right amount of water. Over-watering plants and grass can be harmful and wasting water can cause your water bill to increase. Both of these can be avoided with an automatic sprinkler system that provides your yard with the right amount of water every time without wasting water.

Overall Landscaping Health

A healthy yard can increase the look and curb appeal of your home. Having an automatic sprinkler system installed can increase the resell value of your home. By providing long-lasting sustainable lawn care, a watering system not only shows that you care about the health of your landscaping, but you are also midful of the environment.

The ability to customize your system allows you to change the settings for specific areas, such as a vegetable garden that requires a different amount of water than the rest of your yard. Get creative and explore all the options you now have because of an automatic sprinkler system!

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