Landscaping Mistakes

If you fixate over the appearance of your lawn, you may be committing one of these three common mistakes. Why are these mistakes so detrimental? These common lawn care mishaps can directly affect the health and well being of your yard. Once springtime arrives, remember to avoid these common and damaging mistakes at all costs.

Mowing Too Low and Too Frequently

Remember that grass is a living organism. The lower you cut it, the harder time it will have growing and obtaining nourishment from the sun and water. In addition, the more often you cut it will also have a direct effect on the health of your lawn. Maintain a regular schedule with the correct mowing height and your lawn will thank you! Of course, you can also trust a professional landscaing company to take care of it for you.

Watering Too Much

As we just mentioned, you lawn is a living organism and therefore needs the right nutrients and care too survive. When you water your lawn too much, you are essentially drowning the grass! If you want to keep your lawn healthy and alive, water on a regular schedule with a few days in between. Or, on the contrary, you can water daily but in smaller amounts.

Using the Wrong Type Of Grass

Different climates and locations require different types of grass. If you are using the wrong type of grass for your specific climate and geographical location, it’s the equivalent of going to Antarctica in a tank top and shorts! Make sure you are using the proper type of grass for your landscaping needs.

Trust a Landscaping Expert

All Summer Landscaping is the lawn care professional you need to take care of your landscaping and lawn care needs. Call us today to schedule your spot for the spring!