Mulching Your Landscape

Adding mulch to your garden and other outdoor living areas can provide a wide array of benefits. However, much of the ‘mulch’ world has been riddled with incorrect myths, which cause homeowners to make incorrect decisions regarding their landscaping choices. Fortunately, All Summer Landscaping in Murfreesboro, TN knows the truth about landscaping and mulch!

Quality, Not Quantity

Some homeowners believe adding more mulch will yield greater results. On the contrary, you only need about three inches of mulch to allow oxygen and water to reach the roots of your plants. If you over apply the mulch, the roots will be suffocated and pests are more likely to make their home in your yard. Also, remember not to mix mulch and soil! Adding mulch to your landscape’s soil usually ends up badly. Most mulch types are simply too coarse to make good soil amendments. Decaying mulch will actually pull nitrogen out of the soil, hurting your plants!

Does Mulch = Termites?

While this is an easy mistake and myth to believe, termites are not attracted to mulch. Termites are actually attracted to high-quality wood, and will only feed off of your mulch if they are already present in and around your home. Just to be safe, leave a buffer zone around the foundation of your home so that termites aren’t tempted to enter the home.

Mulching Types: Choose Wisely

When choosing a type of mulch, don’t simply choose the cheapest or the product with the snazziest packaging. Instead, talk to your Murfreesboro landscaper and find out which is best for your yard. Certain types of mulch, such as sand fillers, are known for sucking all of the nutrients and beneficial items out of the ground, and don’t allow your plants to receive any! When you are ready to choose a type of mulch for your Murfreesboro yard, contact All Summer Landscaping today for suggestions and assistance.

Mulching Isn’t For Everyone

While you may be able to add mulch to your home garden and yard, a professional landscaper will have the experience and know-how needed to properly use and distribute mulch. All Summer Landscaping provides landscaping services to the greater Murfreesboro area. Call 615-604-8942 now for more information.