Murfreesboro Landscaping – 3 Helpful Tips for the Fall

Fall is officially here, but there is still a short amount of time left before that chill in the air becomes permanent. That means you still have some time to prepare your landscaping for the cold grip of the coming months.

If you live in a climate that experiences particularly harsh winters you can use this time to make sure the incoming freeze doesn’t leave you with a brown wasteland in the spring.

As you follow these landscaping tips for the fall, be sure to contact All Summer Landscaping & Lawn Care for any of your Murfreesboro landscaping needs!

Add Mulch

Mulch is a great addition to any garden or landscaping because of the protection it offers your plants. A hard freeze can create dry and harsh conditions for shrubs, flowers, and anything else you might have growing in your yard.

Aside from adding a thick layer of protection from the inevitable elements, mulch also helps the soil retain water for much longer than if it were unprotected. Not all mulch is created the same, however, and you might be tempted to pick up some free mulch you saw listed in the classifieds. However, most of the time free mulch is simply ground up dead trees that probably died from disease or bug infestation. This contaminated mulch can end up hurting your landscaping more than helping, so do yourself a favor and opt for higher quality mulch.

Just as you would in the spring, consider adding a 2-inch thick layer of mulch to your landscaping in the fall!

Out With the Old

Before the long and cold winter, the fall is the time to prepare your healthy plants for a dormant period. You want to take this opportunity to get all of your plants tidied up for the incoming winter, not promote growth. That’s why pruning is ill-advised in the fall; it will support growth in your plants when you want them to stay put.

Removing dead or dying parts of the plants or shrubs in your garden will leave them nice and neat during their approaching hibernation. When arranging your landscaping in the fall, make sure you do the following:

  • Remove any dead annuals
  • Remove dried out ornamental grasses and perennials
  • Cut down dead / dying branches
  • Remove dead blossoms
  • Do not remove stalks that appear dead, they could still produce blooms in the spring

Protect Your Plants

When it comes to extremely harsh conditions, there is no better way to keep your delicate plants safe than employing the use of burlap. Draping sections of burlap over small shrubs and trees will provide protection from the punishing cold wind and precipitation.

If you plan on wrapping young trees, be sure to add some support, such as some wooden stakes, as burlap can become very heavy when soaking wet and potentially damage a weak tree. In some instances, a small bucket or empty planting pot can be turned over to protect small plants.

Murfreesboro Landscaping

If you need any help getting your landscaping ready for the fall, don’t hesitate to call the Murfreesboro landscaping experts at All Summer Landscaping & Lawn Care!