First, Take a Good Look Around

When was the last time you thoroughly inspected your landscaping? Whether we’re talking about a home or business, chances are you’re far too busy to spare a glance for your shrubs and beds. However, visitors to your home or business will certainly notice the landscaping. Take a walk around outside and look for spots that could use improvement – places where plants are scraggly or sparse, spots that would look nice with a pop of color, beds or window boxes that have died. Make a good list of the improvements you want to see, then call your landscaper to come out and make your vision a reality.

Here are some of the things your landscaper may do:

Check Your Irrigation System

If you’ve noticed your water bill getting higher, it could be a sign of a leak or weakness within your irrigation system. All Summer provides a one-year warranty on our irrigation systems, but even if you are outside these parameters we can still assess your system and determine if there are any leaks.

Update the Flower Beds

Remember those spots you noticed that needed a pop of color? Point them out to your landscaper and they can assist you with choosing the best flowers for your soil and location. When you plant new flowers in the spring, they will be ready by the time summer comes around. This is especially important for homeowners wanting to show off their property at summer parties!

Address Drainage Issues

Water erosion is a serious concern that can damage your property and impact its value. In your walk around your property, did you notice any puddling areas or signs of aggressive run-off? As with your other concerns, make note of these areas and point them out when your landscaper comes. Catching and repairing drainage issues now can go a long way towards preventing a huge financial headache later on.

Call All Summer Landscape Group for your property’s “spring checkup” today!