One aspect of landscaping that home or business owners sometimes ignore is the upkeep of trees. You might be tempted to leave it up to nature, but it is more important than you may think to have tree trimming as part of your regular landscaping routine.

Aesthetic Appeal

The most obvious benefit of trimming trees is, of course, aesthetic appeal. As they are often the largest feature of a landscape, the first thing visitors’ eyes are drawn to are the trees. However, there are several benefits to having your trees trimmed that go beyond beauty.

Safety Benefits

A tree branch that is dead or diseased may end up falling unexpectedly. This not only has the potential to hurt any people under the tree, but it also can cause damage to power lines and surrounding buildings. It is not uncommon for the Murfreesboro, Tennessee area to experience extreme weather such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, and even winter storms. During these dangerous weather events, tree branches that are too large and too heavy can detach or fall and cause devastating damage to nearby objects and structures.

Tree Health

Thinking long-term, a clear benefit of regular tree maintenance is increasing the health and longevity of your yard’s trees. Proper trimming encourages new growth in trees. It also can influence the tree to grow in a certain way, which in turn increases its structural integrity. It is always a smarter idea to take preventative measures before a disaster happens rather than corrective measures afterward. Keeping up with tree trimming is the best way to avoid the safety hazards detailed above and ensure your trees are healthy and live longer.

Seasonal Service

The best time to trim tree limbs and branches is late fall into winter when the leaves are dormant. Pruning during the colder seasons is ideal because there is less risk of disease and the cuts are likely to heal faster.

Leave it to Professionals

You may be tempted to make an attempt at maintaining your trees on your own, but this is something that should be performed by practiced professionals. By doing your own tree trimming, you could potentially cause harm to both the tree and yourself.

Tree Trimming and More in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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