What does mulch actually do for your lawn? Its purpose goes beyond simply making landscaping look better. Properly mulching your lawn can actually save you precious time and money. Not only does mulch help soil retain moisture, but it also acts as insulation by keeping roots cool in summer and warm in winter. Mulch helps control weeds and slows erosion caused by wind and rain run-off. If made of organic matter, mulch can improve the health and fertility of soil. The kind of mulch you need depends on your specific landscaping needs, and your landscaper will know what to use. But what are the common types of mulch that are used in Middle Tennessee landscaping?

Pine Needle Mulch  

Also known as pine straw, this lightweight mulch is made from fragrant pine needles. The needles form a mesh-like covering over the soil that allows water to penetrate yet will keep it in place during times of wind and rain. Pine needle mulch is slow to decompose, which means you don’t need to replace it as often. Even when it does decompose, it can feed nutrients into your soil. Pine needles are acidic, meaning acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and azaleas will benefit from the covering.

Cypress Mulch

Made from the wood and bark of cypress trees, this bark is less expensive when shredded versus chipped. This organic option for mulching actually does better at repelling insects than some of the more expensive alternatives.

Wood Chip Mulch

Often made of a combination of tree parts, using this kind of mulch helps to reduce environmental waste. This kind of mulch breaks down slightly faster than other organic types, so keep a watch on it to know when to call your landscaping company back.

Cedar Mulch

Made from the bark of cedar trees, this mulch has a pleasant scent that works to repel insects. It is more expensive than other organic mulches, but cedar mulch can take several years to decompose, so the cost may balance out since you don’t have to replace it as often.

Rubber Mulch

This mulch is not necessarily recommended for gardening or landscaping use, but it is commonly found on children’s playgrounds. The material is incredibly durable, heavy, and long-lasting. Unlike organic mulch, it will not decompose over time and does not need to be regularly replaced.

Whatever your unique landscaping needs, All Summer Landscaping knows the best mulch to suit your Murfreesboro, TN lawn or garden.