It may have never crossed your mind before you owned a home, but now that you’re looking into landscaping options, you realize that there are more varieties of grass to choose from than you ever imagined! To make your decision even more difficult, Murfreesboro, Tennessee is located in a transition zone, where warm-season grasses and cool-season grasses can fare well when properly cared for. Here, we’ve outlined characteristics of 3 popular grass types that can serve every purpose your lawn requires.


Blanket the Lawn with Zoysia Grass

A popular turf grass in this region is Zoysia Grass. Its extremely dense bed growth and resistance to drought and heavy foot traffic make it the perfect luxurious lawn to run around barefoot on during the summer! It doesn’t grow as quickly as other turf grasses, but it keeps its green color longer into the cool season and comes back quicker than other grasses in the springtime. Zoysia performs best when planted, aerated, and dethatched in the spring rather than in the fall like other grasses, and it prefers infrequent, deep watering in order to develop its strong root system.


Decorate & Fill in Gaps with Monkey Grass

One of the most popular types of “supplemental” grass in Tennessee is monkey grass. Homeowners usually choose monkey grass for its durability and ease of maintenance in both sun and shade. It is known for growing in hard-to-cover areas, as well as being resistant to drought, diseases, and pests. However, monkey grass comes in several species, namely monkey grass, lilyturf, and mondo grass. They all grow in clumps and require little maintenance, but their appearances and growth height differ, so make sure you do your research to be sure you’re getting the look you want for the area you’re seeding.


Get Through Winter with Kentucky Bluegrass

If you’re on the lookout for a good seasonal transition grass, Kentucky Bluegrass may be a good option for you. This cool-weather grass doesn’t stand up well to the heat and humidity of a Tennessee summer, but it has an excellent winter hardiness that Zoysia and Monkey grass lack. If you don’t want your lawn to be brown all winter, you may want to overseed with Kentucky Bluegrass in the autumn.


Landscaping and Lawn Care in Murfreesboro, TN

These are only 3 types of grasses to give you an idea of what a beautiful yard may need year-round. To learn more about which grasses will thrive on your lawn, contact All Summer Landscaping & Lawn Care in Murfreesboro! We offer a variety of lawn care services to give you the landscaping look you desire.